Terms & Conditions

Information concerning your rights and obligations when you purchase or rent equipment from us.


The following is a rather boring text with necessary information about laws and regulations that we have tried to make as clear as possible. If you have any questions about any of this you are most welcome to contact us. We would also like to say that we are people just like you, who have also had our problems and know how annoying it can be when things get messed up. Therefore we promise to always do what we can to solve any problems that arise in the quickest, easiest way possible! 



Alpindepån’s prices include 25% sales tax, i.e. VAT. Prices are subject to change depending on possible increases in prices, changes in sales tax, currency changes, printing mistakes, out of stock etc. You will be informed of any changes when you place your order. 

Under age

Alpindepån is not legally allowed to enter into a contract with persons under the age of 18. Under-age customers must have their guardian’s approval before ordering from us.   


Offers and discounts cannot be combined unless stater otherwise.


Identification check

To counter-act theft and fraud we require that a valid piece of photo identification such as a Swedish driving licence, EU driving license, national ID-card or passport, be presented whenever renting equipment.

Failure to return equipment

When rental equipment is returned after the expiry date the customer will be charged up to and including the day of return. In the event that it is suspected that the equipment will not be returned a report of theft will be made to the police. 

Damaged equipment

The renter is responsible for returning rental equipment in undamaged condition. Equipment will be inspected upon its return. We reserve the right to assess any damages and/or wear and tear in collaboration with our service personnel and charge for those repair costs incurred due to damages or wear and tear in excess of what can be expected in normal use, when the equipment is returned.  


Credit or debit card

Any orders placed on our website must be paid for using either Visa or MasterCard. All card details are handled securely and confidentially by our DIBS (www.dibs.se) server and are not visible or saved by Alpindepån. DIBS meets the requirements for PCI-DSS.


Alpindepån guarantees that the payment alternatives offered by our Webb shop are secure thanks to our collaboration with DIBS where card details are sent illegibly directly to the bank through an encrypted connection. Therefore Alpindepån has no access to any card details or other information concerning your payment since this information is handled by our deliverer, DIBS.


When placing an order you provide your personal details such as name, personal identification number, address, telephone number and e-mail address. When you register and place an order you give your approval for us to save and use this information so that we can carry out our part of the contract.

Apindepån promises absolutely not to divulge or sell personal information to a third party and according to the law on personal information (PUL) you have the right to know what information we have registered about you. 

Right to Cancellation & Refund

Alpindepån follows the rules and regulations established by The Swedish Consumer Agency for e-sales which in practice means that you as customer have the right to cancel your order up to 14 days after placing it. You do this by contacting us directly at info@alpindepån.se or calling +46 647 50 300.

Cancellations made later than 24 hours before the reservation begins will not be refunded unless a doctor's certificate can be presented. In the event of sickness that affects part or the entire order, refunds will be made upon the presentation of a doctor’s certificate. Rented equipment must be returned no longer than 24 hours after the issuing of the doctor’s certificate.

In case of refund we deposit the funds directly to your card or bank account within a maximum of 30 days. A transaction fee of SEK 95 will be deducted from the refunded amount.

Tips: Remember to check if your travel insurance or any other insurance connected with your credit card covers possible on-site costs in case of sickness that doesn’t necessarily require a visit to the doctor!

Refund claims

If for any reason you should not be satisfied with the equipment you have rented or purchased from us it is important that you contact us as soon as possible after discovering or experiencing possible defects so that we have the chance to rectify the situation on the spot if possible.

If you wish to place a claim for refund concerning purchased products we request that you contact us ahead of time to ensure a quicker handling of your case. Alpindepån will cover any additional costs entailed in delivering a replacement product to you but does not reimburse any shipping costs when returning the product to us.


Contact details for claims and refunds:

Stationsvägen 16
830 13 Åre, Sweden

Tel: +46 647 50 300
E-post: info@alpindepan.se

Force Majeure

Events beyond our control

We consider ourselves released from any obligations in this contract due to changes in legislation, policy measures, labour market conflicts, fire, flooding, war, terrorism, sabotage, large-scale accidents or similar occurrences. 


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